The Swing-dance oeuvre is large and extensive. The single most important of these – and now seen as the the seminal leader/follower social swing dance – is the “Lindy Hop”. This dance rose to prominence in the Savoy Ballroom, Harlem, New York, USA from the late 1920s through to the early 1950s. It was made famous by the world renowned dance troop Whitey’s Lindy Hoppers (who’s principal choreographer was Frankie Manning) and later immortalised through their performances in films such as ‘Hellzapoppin’ and ‘A day at the races’. This original style of Lindy Hop was subsequently revived from the 1980s onwards in countries such as the United States, England and Sweden (most notably by Lennart Westerlund and his Rhythm/Harlem Hotshots dance troop). So if you are interested in learning the original ‘Savoy Ballroom’ style of Lindy Hop, you’ve found the right place.